From now until July 4th, 2015 you can purchase gear packs from the edtl handball store with free shipping. Pick the gear pack that works for you:
The Bare Hander Gear Pack for Big Ball minimalists comes with the GetSome performance tee, two cans of edtl BigBalls and the Fist Snapback. You save 5 bucks with the pack.  
The Big Baller Gear Pack comes with 2 cans of edtl BigBalls, PRO GLOVES and the GetSome performance tee. You save 15 bucks with the pack.
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Gear Packs for a Limited Time


The edtl Blackball was used for its first pro event this last weekend in Venice Beach California. This is the WPH X-Fest crossover format where players' points were tallied using using a combination of both small and big ball events.  We asked the WPH how the event went and how the Blackball performed on the pro level. Here was his response:



I played three practice matches and four tournament matches with the black ball and the ball performed well in every match. I liked the feel of the ball and each ball was consistent; I didn't encounter any lopsided or dead black balls. The ball seems to have just the right weight and playability and my sensitive hands never hurt hitting the ball, even on 30-foot fly kill shots. The ball always bounced true off the floor and the side walls and I felt like I could hop the ball well. I also did not see one black ball break in the entire tournament, which is impressive. I didn't hear any players complain about the ball either, which is a very good sign. 

Thank you for providing the case for the event and I look forward to seeing you soon.



David Fink

WPH Youth Donor and Development Director 

"Celebrating 10 Year of Business," Come Celebrate with the WPH, Join Today as a Player's Card Holder (Member) 


Letter from WPH's David Fink


Catriona Casey is the best female handball athlete in the world, without question. If you disagree with that statement, no one cares.
Keep in mind this is Edtl Handball speaking here, not Casey. In fact, she’s one of the most humble, soft spoken and non-assuming people on this planet. But don’t get fooled. Deep within Catriona Casey lies a raging beast that starves to win. And it’s always hungry. Man or woman, before you step into the court against her, you know exactly what’s going to happen. And it’s not the subtle kind of knowing that quietly nags at you the back of your mind. No. It screams to you from the forefront.
Casey picked up handball at age 8 after her older brother got into the sport. Back at her home club in Bally Desmond, County Cork, the little lads and lassies smacked balls around in the squash courts while the big lads and lassies played in the 40x20. Yet Casey’s child play took a leap 1 year later when she graduated to the 40x20. It was then, while the rest of us sheep laid in oblivion, when cute little Catriona took her first steps on a career path to world domination.   
She broke into international handball at age 14 making the U15 Junior Nationals Final in Tucson, AZ. She faced teammate Amy Corrigan, whom she defeated in previous trials. She lost. “I don’t want to talk about it.” She defended during one of our interviews. But we pushed back. “It was one of those losses that, when I look back, made me a better player.” The truth about Casey is that she hasn’t lost more than a handball of matches since then but, to this day, takes each one the same.
In 2008 she came back to the states for another shot at the U15 Junior National Title. She took it home with her and it’s still on her shelf. From there she goes on to take the U17’s twice, the U19’s singles and the U19’s doubles 3 times. Meanwhile she stayed busy shredding opponents on the courts of Ireland, taking 9 All Ireland Minor Singles and Doubles Titles in both 40x20 and the Big Alley. Then, you won’t believe what she does next. Turns 17.
Playing for University of Limerick, Casey goes on to win 8 U.S. Open Collegiate Titles. A world record feat now shared by only one other handball athlete, Megan Mehilos (FYI).  
In 2012, playing at age 18, she won the U23 World 4-wall Title. Then went ahead and took the U19 1-Wall Big Ball World Title for good measure.
Casey went pro after the establishment of the women’s Pro Tour by the WPH in 2013. There she won her first handball payday taking the Women’s Open Championship at Simple Green. She hasn’t lost a pro stop since. And just to be clear: when we say “hasn’t lost” we mean exactly that. She hasn’t lost a single match in her professional career.
Also in 2013 Casey won one of her biggest, most important first career titles: The All Ireland 40x20 Senior Singles Championship. And, don’t forget, she won the 2012 All Ireland Senior Big Alley Title. Then again in 2013. And again in 2014.
Speaking of 2014, Casey won the U.S. 4-Wall Nationals (both singles and doubles) and took the Irish 4-Wall National Title too.
Did you know Catriona is also an elementary school teacher in Ireland? Now you do.  
The Best Female Handball Athlete in the World.


You saw with the S14 Court Combats that edtl doesn’t play when it comes to advancing the sport of handball. We’re proving it again with the new PRO GLOVE. But we’ve heard your price gripes: “35 bucks for a handball glove, WTF?” To those of you with that sentiment, we want to make things simple. Here’s a no bullshit story about two pairs of gloves:  
Glove A:
A glove that works just fine. You pay 15 bucks. You put ‘em on. They fit. You play handball. They get wet. You change gloves. A few weeks down the road, pop. Busted seam. Your other 12 pairs smell like shit. They’re dark and stiff. You put one of those on. It’s not great. You play again. They get wet quick. Your opponent gets the best of you. You pay 15 bucks. Repeat.
Here’s a glove that works just fine. You pay 35 bucks. You put ‘em on. You play handball. They stay dry. You play another game of handball. You’re serving with twice the hop. Your opponent is starting to get pissed. He’s talking to himself under his breath. Every point he gets a little louder. You take game two. Your gloves are still dry. A few weeks down the road your gloves smell like fresh dryer sheets, because you’ve been running them through the wash. But then, pop. Seam bust. No sweat. You take a picture with your smart phone and send it in to Edtl Handball. 3 days later you have a brand new replacement pair at your doorstep.
What should you take from all this? First, let’s consider the economics: Glove to glove, you could spend 45 bucks on Glove A in a three month time span, yet get no added benefit to your game. Or you could spend 35 bucks on the PRO GLOVE in the same time span, guaranteed by the unprecedented edtl warranty, AND get a distinct competitive edge on your opponents.
Not yet convinced? Check out the side by side comparison:
Glove A
  • Limited to no warranty
  • Gets wet quick (great in some subjects, but not for handball)
  • Basic design, nothing special, no advancement
  • Gets smelly
  • You pay more over the long run by being a cheap-skate today
  • 90 day finger to wrist warranty, no questions asked
  • Stays dry twice as long as Glove A
  • Advanced design to improve your performance (more hop, shot control and precise contact)
  • Can run through the wash with all your other handball shit
  • Sure, you spend more now, but you save in the long run
We’ve done what we can for your handball game. Now the choice is yours. So enough talk. Get a pair. And #GOPLAYHANDBALL.
35 Bucks for Handball Gloves? WTF??


The edtl Bigballs are designed for the advanced outdoor ball striker. The edtl Bigballs perform as a hybrid between a small ball and a standard big blue. Its smaller 55mm diameter creates opportunity for more controlled shots, better hand feel and hop.
Edtl Big Ballers are rewarded with higher speeds and more accuracy for whipping the ball and following through with the snap of the wrist. Slap it and run the risk of handing your opponent an easy setup. Like it or not, the edtl Bigballs will clearly set apart the skill levels of competing opponents.
The edtl Big Balls are better constructed and more consistent than the Skybounce. They stay lively longer than the Ektelon and force more technical and athletic rallies compared to racquetballs by Wilson and Penn.
The edtl Big Balls come in two pack cans or six can bundles to help you reach the free shipping threshold. Choose edtl green or orange for the best optics. Get Some. And #GOPLAYHANDBALL.
The edtl Big Balls


Edtl is the fastest growing handball brand in the world and we want you to join us.

Becoming an authorized dealer is easy. In fact, there is no experience necessary. As an independent distributor you have an advantage over the web as you can sell directly to your surrounding handball players and at local events.

Our goal is at least one distributor in every city in the U.S.A. and beyond. For a limited time we will finance your first merchandise buy for up to 45 days. If your payments are made on time, we will continue to fulfill your orders.

We promote our independent distributors on our website and social media and provide you with a level of sell-through support which is unmatched in this market.

For more information, call us at 866.756.4449 today or send written inquiries to support@edtlhandball.com.
Independent Disributors Wanted


A great way for edtl to support youth handball is to create more affordable pricing opportunities that help get more young people excited about the sport of handball.   
The edtl Team Sales Program offers deep discounts on the edtl line of handball equipment and apparel for collegiate clubs, school districts, middle and high school teams (private and public), as well as, social programs where youth handball is in effect.
Your team or organization must make individual purchases that meet or exceed the $250 spending threshold to qualify.
For more information on discount levels call us at 866.756.4449 or send written inquiries to support@edtlhandball.com  
edtl Team Sales Program


The edtl Blackball is the most well-constructed small ball handball in the world. Less than 1% of the edtl Blackballs will break. Instead, over a week or two of consistent wall banging, the edtl Blackball softens and starts to become erratic. At which time we recommend replacement. In other words, one can of edtl Blackballs could last you a month.   
A more intense core pressurization is responsible for the most thrilling rally speeds in the sport. That pressurization technology fosters faster rebound speeds than the 21 and the R48. Yet, the Blackball is heavier and rounder than the 21 so it behaves consistently and stays down for more frequent kills.
While heavier and harder than the 21, the edtl Blackball has a soft tacky outer texture that improves feel and increases hop.  
The edtl Blackball comes in pressurized two-pack cans, individually sealed. Or you can buy a six can bundle and get closer to the free shipping threshold. Get some. And #GOPLAYHANDBALL.  
The edtl Blackball


Are firearms safe? There’s a lot of crap out there about lensless eye guards vs lensed for the sport of handball. Especially rumors that the USHA wants to put a ban on lensless eye guards. Let’s set all bullshit aside and get down to the truth.  
First some background
ASTM and ANSI, the two governing bodies in the U.S. for safety standards in eye protection, don’t have a standard for handball. The ASTM tests protective eye wear by shooting the associated ball, at multiple angles, using a high-powered potato gun at a head form wearing the “protector.” Oh, and the lab guys aim for the eyes. The head forms are human-like, but if you saw something on the street that resembled them, you’d probably call the men in black. In fact, the ASTM F803 test standard basically states that if it’s good for squash, it’s good for handball. Things that make you go hmmm…  
The ANSI z87.1 standard is tested by dropping a 500g projectile, from shoulder height into the eye. If contact is made, it’s a fail. That’s great, but we all know lensless eye guards won’t protect from a poke in the eye. Thanks for looking out ANSI.
Now Some History
We went to the ASTM to get the Edtl Eye Shields certified and we got turned down. Not because our eye shields weren’t safe, but because the ASTM did not have a standard for 47mm handballs and wasn’t even aware of its existence. That seemed odd to us, given small ball handball has been a sport in the U.S. for more than a hundred years.
ASTM referred us to an independent lab that certifies the F803 standard so we went ahead with testing. But we didn’t just test our eye shields, we tested all the other lensless eye guards on the market, as well as, popular lensed eye guards that cleared ASTM certifications. We spared no expense with these tests investing more than $15,000 to learn how to make the safest handball eye shields on the market. What we found out was not only quite interesting but also alarming.  
The Results
We put the two other lensless eye guards on the market to the test. We’re talking about the unmarked clear eye guards that every handballer has. One is the sad looking one sometimes referred to as "Cat Eyes" and the other, more popular, guard with the big nose bridge. Who makes them? And, Why don't they put their name on them? If that's you: get some balls. And stand behind your product.
Those eye guards haven’t changed in decades and who knows if they've even been tested, until now. While they seem safe as the frame gap is about 20mm, compared to the 47mm handball, they’re apparently not.  While the frame is upwards of 12.5mm tall, it’s around 3.5mm deep and handballs, even at low speeds, hit you straight in the eye.
The truth is that depth of frame is the key to preserving your vision through a violent impact on the handball court. Tested against all other lensless eye guards, the S14 Edtl Eye Shields stands up to be the safest lensless eye shields on the market. The 11mm deep, under-brow frames offer up to 7.5mm more protection against intrusion and force reduction on high-speed impacts. While the additional 7mm of comparable gap width give you better court vision, that may also lead to more safety with quicker reaction to potential threats. The edtl eye shields are made using the latest polycarbonate technology that can withstand a direct shot from a .38 caliber round. Now, if you’re near a .38, we’re not suggesting you try that at home, but we can say that the nameless eye guards broke 2 out of 9 hits. Not the edtl's. Here's another truth. If your eye guards are impacted, always get a new pair. Regardless if you bought them from a named company or not.
We also tested some popular ANSI and ASTM racquetball & squash certified lensed eye guards. When it comes to high-speed 47mm handball impacts, you might as well pull the pin on a hand grenade and strap it to your face. On impact, 1mm thick polycarbonate lenses smash into your eye and parts fly in all directions.
Another truth is that edtl is continuing to work with the ASTM to set the first standard for 47mm handball eye protection and our hope is by next year handball will have its own standard in place. And, of course, all edtl eye protection will meet or exceed that standard.
Bullshit Rumors
There’s a bunch of rumors out there that the USHA wants to put a ban on lensless eye guards. Let’s put that to bed right now. While there’s board minutes getting passed around with claims that they intend to ban and guys getting eye injuries from wearing those cheap eye guards, we spoke directly with Vern Roberts, Executive Director of the USHA, and he stated they have no plans at all on banning lensless eye guards. However, they do plan on conducting their own tests. We applaud that decision as we, like the USHA, want to protect handball athletes the best we can. Most of us wear lensless eye guards, so get the guards that are going to protect you the best: The Edtl Eye Shields.
And remember: Keep your balls outta my face. And #GOPLAYHANDBALL.
Lensless Eye Guards: Are They Safe?


The best handball athletes in the world wear the edtl Court Combat handball gloves. Designed for serious tournament handballers that know every performance feature counts. You sweat. But the edtl Court Combat gloves stay dry. Constructed with premium deer skin twice as thick as any glove on the market, yet soft and supple to give you ultimate ball feel.
Irish superstar and #TEAMEDTL Robbie McCarthy won the R48 Players Championship in the edtl gloves. It may not have been the world’s but in his line of work, you get paid to win. McCarthy wins with edtl. So will you.
Guaranteed for 90 days against blow-outs, rips or pops. If you don’t like the edtl gloves, send them back within 30 days and we’ll refund you. Get the gloves. Get some balls. And #GOPLAYHANDBALL.
S14 Court Combat Gloves


Team Edtl’s Samzon Hernandez, Ricky Ruiz and Sal Duenas compete for the WPH EDTL 3WBB National Title in La Mirada, CA June 27th through the 29th. They will face off against the world’s other top 3-Wall Big Ball pros Juan Santos, “Razzle” Manny Fernandez and Shorty Ruiz. We can’t wait for the action to start. There’s going to be some major collisions on the Orange County courts of La Mirada. These guys give it all on the court and leave nothing for the ride home. That’s how we roll.
Samzon has won the last two WPH 3WBB Pro Stops, defeating Timbo Gonzalez in an exciting win at the Vegas 3WBB Final. While we’re putting our bets on Samzon to take La Mirada, we’re placing bets that new Team Edtl contracts will get signed while edtl promotes handball in the sunshine state. We have our eyes on female 3WBB champion Tanisha Groomes and expect another big trophy to be on display in her living room on the 29th. But before that she’ll have to face off against Ireland’s famed Catriona Casey, the undisputed best female 4-wall small ball athlete in the world. In case it doesn’t get any more interesting, both Catriona Casey and Aiofe McCarthy are travelling to La Mirada to compete as rookies in their first 3WBB event ever. Oh my, what will happen? We love this shit.
Get Ready. Register here. And #GOPLAYHANDBALL
WPH EDTL 3-Wall Nationals in La Mirada, CA


This is epic:
Edtl Handball is a proud and significant sponsor of the Irish 1-Wall Nationals at the Breaffy Sports Arena in Castlebar, CO. Mayo, Ireland. The world renowned event takes place this July 3rd-6th. Edtl will be on location with TEAM EDTL’s Robbie McCarthy marking the first time Edtl gear and apparel is distributed in Ireland.
Last year more than 800 handball athletes from around the world fought in the arena to take home the championships of their respective divisions. To make their countries proud and to earn a place in handball’s world history. This year Edtl is the sponsor of the open finals and we’re excited to present the trophy and offer the open singles champions a Team Edtl sponsorship contract to the champion.
See you in Ireland. #GOPLAYHANDBALL
Edtl Handball on Location at Irish 1-Wall Nationals


Want a soft bouncy ball that lets you mosey on over and smack at it? Or do you need a forgiving ball for all your lame hand errors? Well, if that’s the case and you admit it, don’t change a thing. But if you’re like us, you should ask yourself what you’re doing with that shitty ball. Do you like it easy?  No. You’re too bad-ass for easy. Don’t let anyone dictate what ball you play with. Get some balls. Take charge of your game and play like a pro.
We are handball athletes. No sticks. No strings. No gimmicks.  
We can bring the body and we can bring the spirit. But the ball brings the game. It can make us strong or it can make us soft. That’s why the world’s most competitive 4-wall handball athletes on the WPH Edtl Handball R48 Pro Tour play exclusively with the R48 Pro Handball. The R48 Pro Ball provides the most consistent performance and shot control without compromising skill level. The Pro Ball demands skillful strikes, proper form and physical strength. It forces you and your opponents to make better shots.
Comes in a pressurized two-pack with individual chambers to maintain liveliness. The R48 Pro Ball weighs 60g to provide ultimate feel without destroying your elbow. A true 47mm from both hemispheres promotes consistent and predictable behavior. It stands up to 90mph wall impacts without a crack. So get a pair. Beat the shit out of 'em and GO PLAY HANDBALL.

Play like a Pro.


Robbie McCarthy is crowned R48 Players Champion after defeating #TEAMEDTL Emmett Peixoto, Mando Ortiz and finally the #1 seed Luis Moreno on April 20th, 2014. The two hour battle between Moreno and McCarthy had everyone on the edge of their seats. McCarty battled back from a ten point deficit in the second game to take Moreno to a tie break where he earned a decisive game three victory over Moreno.

Image: Robbie McCarthy embraces father and coach Robert McCarthy Sr. after his huge win over Luis Moreno at the WPH EDTL R48 Players Championship in Salt Lake City, UT.
McCarthy Wins WPH EDTL R48 Players Championship


Emmett Peixoto signed a sponsorship contract with Edtl Handball on March 29th, 2014. “I’m looking forward to working with the team and elevating the sport of handball.” He said. Peixoto is one of the best handball players in the world. He plays out of San Francisco, CA as the head handball coach at the prestigious Olympic Club. Peixoto was the R48 champion in 2007/2008 pro handball tour organized and broadcasted by the World Players of Handball (WPH). He holds numerous national and international titles in 4-wall, 3-wall and 1-wall. He is truly a versatile handball athlete.
This year, battling back from an injury, he made the finals in Denver and accrued enough points to make the top 8 in the Race4eight earning his spot to compete for the national pro title in Salt Lake City, UT next week on April 19th and 20th. The men’s semi and final will air on ESPN3.  

Want to find out more about Emmett Peixoto? CLICK HERE.
Emmett Peixoto Signs One Year Contract with TEAM EDTL