Hi, I’m Ben and I play handball.

I’m not a superstar athlete handball pro or anything, I just f*cking love this game. It is THE BEST game, sport, whatever you want to call it there is. I’m convinced. Like most players I meet, game one I was hooked.

Yeah, I get excited when I talk about handball! It’s awesome, and I want everyone to play. Racquetball guys, don’t even bother debating. Put down the sissy sticks and come play a man's game. I'm just breaking your balls. But seriously, come play.

I also love how simple the gear is. But, when I basically had to play in garden gloves and other shit, I thought somebody should be making stuff that not only stands up to the game of handball, but brings some real performance. Advances the sport. Gives us handballers a brand of our own. When I couldn’t find anyone doing it, I decided to make it myself. Every piece of gear I make is designed specifically for handball players and growing the sport of handball. You're welcome.

Listen to me (I mean it): Stay in school, don't do drugs, don't f*ckin' swear, and…


- Ben Edtl